Postcards from Cyprus

Set of 20 postcards, print-on-demand, 14.22×10.8cm, 2008 (photography) / 2011 (postcard design)

This pack of postcards was made using photographs taken in late 2008 on an extended visit to Cyprus. I was driven around the island by my Cypriot dad, who had returned to the island just a few years before, when he retired. I got him to take me to places that were either not represented in travel guides or that had layers of history that were difficult to notice without knowing about them in advance. The postcards were made as a way of revealing that history just by short, to-the-point descriptions often with a bit of dark humour in their unexpectedness.

The inscription on the title postcard reads:

CYPRUS is a land whose economy relies very heavily on tourism. Its recent history is not, however, seen as much of a selling point. Tourists come to Cyprus largely for sun and sea and may perhaps visit the odd ruin or site from antiquity. These postcards are for an alternative tourism in Cyprus. They show a landscape that says much about the island’s past and particularly its post-colonial development in the late 20th century: a period that involved a number of violent episodes, which are still a matter of contention for many Cypriots today. The images were taken in late 2008 on both sides of the “green line”