Screenshot, “Langlütjen – Eckwarderhörne”, 22 December 2015

Reclaiming Doggerland

Web-based, 2010–2018

Reclaiming Doggerland is a weblog with narrative text as well as a series of photographs taken between 2010 and 2018 around the North Sea coast in England, Germany and the Netherlands. The title is taken from the caption on maps made by the archeologist Bryony Coles, showing the possible location of prehistoric “Doggerland” under the North Sea. The photographs show areas of land reclamation in different counties but around the same body of water. They capture a temporal landscape that looks permanent and a seemingly consistent scenery, which is separated by sea and land borders.

Project was discussed by David Matless in British Art Studies, Issue 10 “Landscape Now”, November 2018

St Katherine’s Church, Canvey Island, Essex, 2011
Housing, Lelystad, Flevoland, 2014
South-beach polder, Norderney, 2014
Artifical island Langlütjen I, Weser estuary, 2015